Southern Citrus Nurseries was founded in the early ’70s by Joe Race and Tom Thayer Sr., and they partnered through the early ’90s. In 2005, citrus greening was discovered in both commercial and residential areas, causing our citrus nursery to be taken out bare-root. In 2007, we started with four greenhouses, and now we’re up to 40 greenhouses, four seed houses, and a scion house. We are blessed to be where we are today. 


Providing Florida With
Citrus Plants Of The Best Quality.

Southern citrus nurseries started with a passion and desire to end the challenges growers in Florida experience. For generations, we have provided the most robust and healthy trees to the citrus industry in Florida. Our priceless knowledge combined with new technologies make it easy for us to keep producing the best citrus trees you will find on the market today.

Meet Our Team

Tommy Thayer

Owner and 5th Generation Farmer


General Manager


Sales and Inventory